7 stats to look for at the SAG Awards

The SAG Awards nominations are finally here, and Award Season has kicked off. And there are some very interesting prospects from a stats perspective. So, let’s look into seven interesting findings.

Two films smashing nomination record

Up until the recent nominations only three films had managed to get five SAG nominations. But that number has now increased to five with both Everything Everywhere All at Once and The Banshees of Inisherin gaining the impressive five nominations.

The record for most wins is three, which is currently held by four films. Only one of them (Chicago) had five nominations, the other had four. Both Everything Everywhere All at Once and The Banshees of Inisherin are able to beat this record, as both can win four awards, as they both have two nominations in the same category.

Cate Blanchett catches Meryl Streep

With her lead nomination for Tár, Cate Blanchett gained her 17th SAG nomination. This ties her with Meryl Streep as the person with most film nominations. Meryl Streep still leads the competition for most individual film nominations with 11 against Blanchett’s 10. But Blanchett has won two individual film awards, while Streep only have won one.

Steve Carell makes it to the top 5

Steve Carell’s nomination for The Patient means that he now has 19 SAG nominations. This brings him into the top 5 of most nominated people. And he is now the second most nominated actor, just one nomination behind Alec Baldwin.

He is also just one nomination behind Alec Baldwin in the competition for most individual nominations for an actor. Steve Carell has 10 individual nominations, but he is yet to win an individual SAG Award. Baldwin on the other hand has won seven individual awards.

Brad Pitt is closing in on Leo

With his ensemble nomination for Babylon, Brad Pitt has moved up into a shared second place as the actor with most film nominations. He is still two nominations behind Leonardo DiCaprio’s 12 film nominations.

Viola Davis could be The Woman King of SAG

Viola Davis has always been popular with SAG. She currently holds the record for most individual film awards together with Daniel Day-Lewis and Reneé Zellweger. All have three awards. But if Viola Davis wins this year, she will take the sole lead.

On top of that she will become the actress with most individual SAG wins across both film and TV. And she will only be one individual award behind Alec Baldwin’s record seven individual awards.

Can The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel keep winning?

In 2019 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel became one of just six TV Shows to win three SAG Awards in the same year. This year it only has one nomination, but if it wins it will catch Seinfeld as the third most winning comedy show of all time at the SAG Awards. If this happens it will have six wins for only nine nominations. It took Seinfeld 17 nominations to win six awards.

The show will also be just one win behind Will & Grace in second place, while it will take some time to catch 30 Rock in first place with 12 wins.

The Crown could move closer to the Iron Throne

If The Crown wins both its nominations it will have eight wins, which will tie it with The Sopranos and ER as the second most winning drama show. If this happens The Crown will also be just one win behind Game of Thrones in first place.

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